+ Professional Educational Consulting Services

As a leader of an educational organization, the creation of an engaging environment that encourages learning, not only for the students, but also the staff and related community is a top priority. Ridge River Learning Exchange can become a partner with you in achieving these goals.


The full resources of Ridge River Learning Exchange, LLC stand behind our team's experience in the field of education. Our highly qualified consultants will work with your district staff, ensuring that each professional development objective is met. 

Ridge River Learning Exchange will also customize our services on an as needed basis. The following consulting and training catalog is listed below. 


Our highly qualified consultants provide as unique partnership with your staff ensuring that each professional development objective is met. The value of such a relationship allows for the expansion of short-, medium- and long-term goals and objectives.

+ Culture and Climate Survey

+ BOE/Professional Consulting : Building and Enhancing District and Community Relationships
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : Community Planninig Sessions
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : Culture and Climate Survey
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : CSA Leadership Search
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : Digital Wellness
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : Districts and our Future (Student) Leaders
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Student, Staff & Community Driven)
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : First Time Board President Leadership Coaching & Mentoring **NEW**
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : First Time Board Member Coaching & Mentoring **NEW**
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : Special Education Buddy Program
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : Student Leadership
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : Team Building / Dynamics **NEW**
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : Technology Director Leadership Mentoring
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : Technology Director Leadership Search
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : Technology Planning
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : The District, Special Education and the Community
+ BOE/Professional Consulting : Think Tank Customized Consulting & Research 
+ Professional/Personal Development : Becomming a Board of Education Member?
+ Professional/Personal Development : Creating a Smart House
+ Professional/Personal Development : Cyber Awareness
+ Professional/Personal Development : Digital Wellness
+ Professional/Personal Development : Introduction to Information Technology
+ Professional/Personal Development : Personal Cloud Computing Services
+ Professional/Personal Development : Social Media and Me
+ Professional/Personal Development : Customized Trainings available upon request.

+ Administrative and Board of Education Consulting Services

Important Note: Check back often as our Professional Service offerings change from time to time.